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2020-01-17 16:09

To remove a repository, you have to do 2 things: Remove it from sources. list. If it was added by addaptrepository then you will find it in its own file in etcaptsources. list. d, not in the main sources. list.Mar 11, 2019 1. Remove a PPA from Software Sources via GUI: This method is apt for those of you who prefer to use GUI over command line. While you are using Linux, I highly recommend that you use command line. But lets see how to remove PPA in graphical manner. Go to Unity dash (by pressing the super or Windows key) and search for Software Sources: linux repository remove

May 06, 2015 I have a repository. ( git init ) I've done checkins and commits and logs and stuff. But, how can I remove all traces of git and delete git off this directory (and subdirectories)? I'm on Ubuntu.

Remove PPA with addaptrepository The recommended way to remove PPA on Ubuntu 18. 04 is by use of addaptrepository command. Here is a simple addaptrepository command syntax: sudo addaptrepository remove Using the above addaptrepository command syntax and the repository list, the following example will remove videolan PPA: May 27, 2010  Removing repository from Synaptic Package Manager. In the menu, go to Settings Repositories. Click on the Other Software tab. Scroll down the list till you find the repository that you want to remove. Highlight it and click the Remove button Clicklinux repository remove Your new repository will be added to your system and will appear in the Other Software list of this utility. Remove a PPA Repository. You can remove an added PPA by first selecting it from the Other Software listing in the Software and Updates utility, and then clicking the Remove button.

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Jun 23, 2017  This is the sequel of our previous article titled how to install packages from a specific repository. As the title says, this guide describes how to remove installed packages from a specific repository from command line in Linux operating systems. linux repository remove Sep 14, 2018 Remove YUMDNF Repo (Repository) Permanently Before deleting repository permanently is a good idea to check that is the repository installed using rpm package. As many repos usually are, like RPMFusion, Epel, etc.

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