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2020-03-31 04:00

Moovida User Interface. Moovida user interface is pretty basic, with the navigation on the left side, while the right top corner holds the icon for Moovida Immersed, clicking which will display you a 3D wall of all the movies and videos that you have added in Moovida. While browsing through the contents, you can also apply various filters likePlay media in any file format with Moovida, a free software program for Windows that combines a media player and center to organize video and music, featuring a 3D interface for remote TV navigation and its own movie database, moovidadb. com. moovida immersed linux

Moovida Immersed is the unique media center interface that is ideal for remote control navigation from your TV. Just plug your computer to your TV screen, run Moovida and enjoy your media. Features: Moovida automatically finds media from your PC or other computers on your local network

Moovida Media Center in Linux Mint Moovida Media Center is more than just a media player this is an outstanding media center, which displays on your screen is the best on the Internet. Automatically generated digital library, which you can manage from the couch with the help of remote control. Fluendo and Moovida have joined efforts to launch an application directed to both, end users looking for a premium application, and business looking for a solution authorized by patent holders to be resold and bundled in their products. Moovida Pro merges the quality and prestige of Fluendo software with the slick Moovida Core to offer a Media Player that covers all your needs.moovida immersed linux Jan 14, 2011  Moovida Core media player coming to Linux real soon but is the 3D interface? The gold is in the Moovida Immersed view. This super slick 3D animated view runs full screen and is designed to be used with an apple remote (of all things), although navigation with a keyboard still works if youre wanting a quick play around.

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