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2020-01-22 19:45

Wine is a compatibility layer that allows Windows applications to run on Linux. Its basically an implementation of the Windows API on Linux. Of course, Microsoft doesnt publish all the information we need to reimplement the Windows API from scratch, so Wine has to be reverseengineered.Dec 31, 2012 2013: Installing Linux on Windows 8 PC is still a pain It's still very hard to install Linux on Windows 8 PCs, and it's next to impossible to install Linux on Windows RT devices like the Microsoft windows linux 2013

Jun 03, 2016 Sunday, 6 October 2013. Windows vs Linux: Processes and Threads. I'm both a Windows and Linux (Ubuntu, of course) user, and I'm pretty happy with both systems. I find strengths and weaknesses on both of them, and love to try to understand how similar and how different both systems are. It's important to note that I don't have any sort of moral

Jan 01, 2013 Make 2013 the year you switch to Linux. Linux today has at least caught up with Windows for most purposes; in many areas, it's actually overtaken it. And now, with the transition required by Windows 8, it can be a whole lot less painful getting used to a Linux distribution that's at least based on conventions you're used to. windows linux 2013

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