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Aug 08, 2018 Whenever you open a website by typing its hostname, your system will read through the hosts file to check for the corresponding IP and then open it. The hosts file is a simple text file located in the etc folder on Linux and Mac OS (etchosts). Windows has a hosts file as well, on Windows you can find it inClick File Save to save your changes. Windows 7. Click Start All Programs Accessories. Rightclick Notepad and select Run as administrator. Click Continue on the Windows needs your permission UAC window. When Notepad opens, click File Open. In the File name field, type Click Open and make your changes to the file. Click File reload hosts file linux

Sep 01, 2010 First, you must change the config file that controls this. The actual file and its location will vary across distributions. In the Redhat derivatives, the file to modify is etcsysconfignetwork so vi this file and change the line that reads HOSTNAME

Apr 10, 2013 Re: How to refresh hosts file without rebooting. What kind of changes are you making to the hosts files? All you should be using the host file for is aliasing a computer name to it's ip address. If you are setting up aliases to virtual web sites, you should only have to restart apache2: Code: sudo apache2 restart. Jul 25, 2017 Configure DNS Locally Using etchosts File in Linux. Now open the etchosts file using your editor of choice as follows sudo vi etchosts Then add the lines below to the end of the file as shown in the screen shot below. . 1 ubuntu. tecmint. lan. 10 centos. tecmint. lanreload hosts file linux When your system tries to resolve a hostname to an IP address or tries to determine the hostname for an IP address, it refers to the etchosts file before using the name servers (if you are using the default Red Hat Enterprise Linux configuration). If the IP address is listed in the etchosts file, the name servers are not used. If your network contains computers whose IP addresses are not

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Select File Open. In the File name field, enter Select Open. Make the necessary changes to the file. Select File Save to save your changes. Linux. Use the following instructions if youre running Linux: Open a Terminal window. Enter the following command to open the hosts file in a text editor: sudo nano etchosts Enter your domain user password. reload hosts file linux Mar 03, 2011 Re: How does one reload the etchosts (clear cache? ) after adding a domain to 127. 0. Modifying the etchosts file is a timehonored way to eliminate noxious websites and advertisements. Do you think modifying the. 1 localhost line works exactly the same way in Linux? Modifying the etchosts file on UNIXbased operating systems. Sometimes, it is beneficial to trick your workstation into believing that a certain hostname points to a test or development server instance of that hostname instead of the production (current live) instance. Nov 27, 2008 How to edit host file in Linux User Name: Remember Me? Password: Linux Newbie This Linux forum is for members that are new to Linux. Are you talking about the etchosts file? If so, then you will need to log in as root (or the equivalent) in order to edit it. In Mac OS X, you do not have to reboot after editing the hosts file. All you have to do is type dscacheutil flushcacheFor Windows, at least newer than Windows 9x, changes are immediate because of the changes Microsoft made. Since there are a lot of different Linux distributions, each one probably restarts the network service differently, but for Red Hat based OS's, service network

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