What do the three lights on my keyboard mean

2020-01-28 01:09

How can the answer be improved?Microsoft's Natural Keyboard Elite features three LED lights. These lights are located in the middle of the keyboard, between the left and right halves of the keys. Types. The three LED lights represent caps cock, num lock and scroll lock. They turn on when you press their respective keyboard keys and turn off when you press the keys again. what do the three lights on my keyboard mean

Mar 19, 2018  The Caps Lock key is found on the very left side of the keyboard below the Tab key. While Caps Lock is on, everything you type will be capitalized. On a full size keyboard, the Scroll Lock key is usually found at the top row of the keyboard above the arrow keys.

Nov 07, 2011 What do these lights on my Dell keyboard mean? There are 3. Just above the word Dell. The one on the left has a 9 on it. What do the light indiators on the keyboard of laptop mean? What is the small light on top of my keyboard (Dell) right beside the light for CAPS? 11 rows  Nov 07, 2018  Keyboard light: Indicates that this toggle key is on: Function: NUM LOCK:what do the three lights on my keyboard mean Mar 19, 2010  On the keyboard top right hand corner there are three green. The A lights up when the CapsLock has been activated. The letters will appear in all capitals. The down arrow lights up when the ScrollLock has been activated. The screen will stop scrolling down for certain textbased programs so you can read the information before it moves up and away. Pressing the same key again deactivates the lock.

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