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2020-01-22 20:52

Aug 15, 2017 I would like to change the input of a mouse when I click the left button and hold it. The usual left click action must remain. Let left click behave as it is, but if you click and hold, let it perform something like holding keyboard button P (or any other keyboard button).Mar 13, 2016 There are the two best methods of changing the binding of any key on your keboard, button on your mouse or even headphones and other devices. AHK remapping: remap keyboard to mouse click

Apr 17, 2019  If theres no companion app that goes with your mouse, or it doesnt support button remapping, or youre just using an ordinary mouse, you can use XMouse Button Control to remap mouse buttons. Out of the box, Windows 10 lets you switch the primary click button on a mouse but nothing else. Download XMouse Button Control. It has both an installable version, and a portable

KeyExtender is a keyboard remaping tool, it could not noly remap keyboard, but also can remap mouse keys to keyboard. Pleas follow setps bellow to remap the mouse button: Download and install KeyExtender; Execute the key convert tool; Press the key you want to remap to in the left dropdown box How can the answer be improved?remap keyboard to mouse click Remap a mouse key to a keyboard key? posted in Ask for Help: Hi, Ive been trying to remap the mouse keys for a game I play which doesnt have the functionality of remapping mouse keys normally. Ive successfully gave the function of rightclick to middleclick with this code.

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Unfortunately, like Mouse Manager, it only supports mice with up to 5 buttons, but you can remap any of those buttons or the scrolling wheel. Other than that, it enables you to remap keyboard to mouse click Nov 07, 2014 Rightclick the XMouse Button Control system tray icon and select Setup from the context menu to open the window below. Now you can remap the mouse keys for all windows that do not match any profile by selecting Default. Click on the mouse button dropdown lists to select an alternative function. How to Apply Changes to the Registry: There are at least two methods to remap keys via the registry: Use a program like KeyTweak (freeware) to visually remap your keys. It will change the registry for you. Remap keys manually by creating a. reg file (plain text) and loading it into the registry.

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